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Holy Yoga

May 2022 

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flowing on 18yeas in Destin

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Destin Yoga

      by the Sea  est. 2003

 Everything is better at the Beach! 



Destin's  "Beach Yoga "The yoga community has grown beautiful in the past decade! Countless yoga students and yoga teachers got there start at the beach or in one of Rhonda's original Power Yoga classes that was developed over 10 years prier to the introduction to Destin in 2003 and still evolving. Tourist can always count on a truly unique yoga experience and locals flow year round.

Fluid flowing at the Beach 13 blissful years

Yoga at the beach flow classes are open for all levels. Classes on the Beach and Destin's best fitness center Destin Health & Fitness. One of the beautiful things about yoga is that it is all inclusive, a style and pace for all levels of fitness. You can make every practice your own- set your own intention- free to just be. What better place than the beach to meditate on the breath, fresh sea air and rhythmic waves flowing at your own pace.  All poses can be modified or enhanced to be easier or more challenging - sometimes just holding the simplest pose for an extended period of time is harder than a fast moving flow class. Excited to start up a Christian based flow class at the beach  Holy Yoga Wednesday's  Live Beach Cam

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We are laid back at the beach, no sign-up needed, drop in last minute or if running late no worries slip in. Yoga mats and props to barrow, kids always welcome. Affordable pricing and discount cards that never expire, welcome back anytime. All levels welcome to all classes, newer students come early if possible for tips to flow at your pace

not flexible, no experience, no shoes, no mat, got kids with you,

no worries drop-in no need to sign up lots of space at the beach.

Community Classes Discounted Rates

 Walton Beach SUP

-What's happening on the journey...Beginners & kids always Welcome

Breath, Pose, Truth

Happy 18 Years Flowing at the Beach

Classes on the beach

Pompano Joe's Beach Access #49

2375 Scenic Gulf Drive

Miramar Beach Fl 32550

New location & Schedule (more classes starting Summer 22)

Sunset Yoga in May

Pompano Joe's Beach Access #49

2375 Scenic Dr Miramar Beach, Fl 32550

Meet West End ON the Beach


Fluid Flow Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 7:30am

Power Flow 7:30am

(Yoga Flow inside Destin Health & Fitness Friday's 9:15am) Yoga Classes at Beach in Destin 18 years. Class times vary with the season year round. Check website for weather updates, current schedule and location of events. Private classes available.

No sign up needed

$15 drop-in use of yoga mat and props included

Military & Students $5

4 Class Card $40 no expiration

8 Class Card $60 no expiration

All levels welcome

Beach Yoga ON Year Round! 

All levels Flowing Vinyasa Style Yoga


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 Schedule is always current and up-to-date...check beach page on questionable weather days, updated up to an hour before class time

Interested in a time slot that works with your schedule or your group... Private Yoga Sessions


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Beach Classes are held under covered pavilion out of the sun when hot

Released worldwideMixed by Rhonda Comparin 2008 back in 2005

Rhonda's Yoga~Pilates by the Sea CD

Rhonda worked with New Earth Records and the music group Cybertribe, to create Yoga Pilates by the Sea CD. A Yoga Pilates music  mix she designed to flow in harmony in a class format

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Destin Yoga ~ Embracing Vinyasa Yoga, a natural sequence unfolding 

 with creative intelligence to cultivate and realize our full potential. 

There is yoga for everyone.                               

  Let us know how we can serve your path.                   

      Vinyasa Fluidly Flowing Yoga         


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Rhonda Comparin  (850)758-1712  


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Our Philosophy

  Yoga requires nothing more than the desire to feel better and to act clearer in all areas of life. By practicing a series of postures and exercises along with the breath, the body will gradually come to its natural weight; you will achieve greater endurance, increase flexibility, breathe more easily, and reduce stress. Yoga has 3 parts Breath work, Asana or poses the physical  practice and Meditation.  Destin Yoga focuses on western styles of flow yoga, Power Yoga and Slow Flow.  Moving meditation for all faiths in action, allowing personal intentions to be set.  The meditation portion of the practice is where faith, spirituality, religion comes in. The beauty of yoga is in the diversity, many different physical styles as well as different levels of meditation. Yoga as everyone has heard is not a religion in it's self but is used as a religious tool by different faiths/beliefs. Many different paths and philosophies in eastern yoga and new age faiths in some western classes.  Yoga can be used just as music is used by different faiths to pray and worship to their view of gods or God. Holy Yoga and Christian flow is a style for the Christian path, the whole yoga package.

Celebrating 12 years

   About: Destin Yoga (formally  "Yoga ~ Pilates by the Sea" the first to bring Yoga and Pilates to Destin in name "Destin Yoga" as of 07'). Still Destin's Beach Yoga Connection as of 2003, the originator of the very popular Beach Yoga and Sunset Yoga, Power Yoga, Core Power and Yogalatés Classes. Destin Yoga creates an atmosphere where each student finds their own way into the practice with all level classes easing new comers into the flow and power classes to facilitate existing student to grow in there practice. Our programs are affordable and open to all, designed to accommodate the complete beginner through to students with greater proficiency and experience. Promoting the importance of staying in the moment and exploring yoga from the inside out. 

    Destin Yoga, is located in Destin, Florida  part of the Emerald Coast including Fort Walton Beach, Sandestin and the South Walton Beaches, Santa Rosa Beach, Grayton Beach, Seaside and Panama City Beach Florida, America's most beautiful beaches of pure crystal white sand. This blissful jewel of white sand beaches and crystal blue-green water is the ideal environment for flow, sweat, tone, stretch and release (exhilarating yoga). Our beach yoga classes fully connect with the rejuvenating ambience of Destin. Allowing us to step out of our heads and become grounded in peace  listening to the gentle rhythm of the waves lapping onto the shore,  renewing in the sea breeze and centered with the horizon as a focus point while delighting in the dolphins surfing the waves. Let skillful guidance help you become stronger, more flexible, relaxed and centered. 

     Rhonda year round has continued her unique Beach Yoga classes over the past 9 years at James Lee Park, Destin (through Hurricane damage, rain, cold but mostly sunny days).  Over the years the beach classes have grown large with amazing energy.  Rhonda provides welcoming classes where visitors return each year for a very special yoga experience and local residents regularly continue to grow in their practice while making new friends. New students join-in weekly to the popular one of kind Power Yoga and Slow Flow Classes that have been expanding and exploring for the past 8 years, now held at Destin Health and Fitness and in Bluewater Fitness in addition to the beach classes. Destin Yoga still continues to inspire the true Vinyasa Yoga journey, growing with their clients and the community.  

  Destin Beach Yoga       

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