Yoga ~ Union of  Mind (mental), Body (physical) and Spirit (breath) in One

  "It's all about the breath"

Yoga practiced regularly will improve one's whole outlook upon life and increase energy.  Exhaustion comes from the mind not from physical exhaustion.  Over stimulated minds from thinking throughout our busy daily activities and worries (real or imaginary) use a tremendous amount of energy. Mental fatigue causes irregular breathing that results in the muscles of the body to become constantly tense (most evident in the shoulders and hips). Some people have trained their muscles to be so tense that they can not relax them even at night, resulting in energy is constantly being drained. Yoga asana techniques train all the muscles of body, to not only strengthen and stretch but also to release stored tension. 

  The Breath is the key to the peaceful union of mind and body.


Mental Benefits of proper breathing
  • Sharpens concentration, centers attention and greater clarity of thought (eliminated needless worries)
  • Increases ability to deal with complex situations (real or imaginary) without stress on the mind or body.
  • Reduces performance anxiety for better sports performance.
  • Better emotional control and equilibrium (balance).
  • Improved physical control and coordination (certainly needed for some of the crazy asanas and flows).
  • Increased body awareness (learning to recognize tension).
  • Balances function of the right and left side of the brain that controls different aspects of ours lives.
The command remedy for stress is to take a few deep breaths (for instance when stuck in traffic, late for an appointment or have become angered); indeed, supplying the brain with sufficient oxygen is the greatest tool in stress management!
Physical Benefits of proper breathing
  • Provides sufficient oxygen for the correct and efficient functioning of every body cell (organs).  Allows food to metabolize properly; nutrients including precious vitamins and minerals are not wasted.
  • Improves circulation in the body.
  • Refreshes the body by relieving muscle strain, protecting the muscles from tearing and injuries.

Asana is a Sanskrit word that literally means a seat in meditation but in the practice of Yoga refers to a pose or posture (exercises)...With practice, the body can be made to remain in a given position for a longer period of time, comfortably .  When a degree of comfort with a calm mind is attained in a given posture it becomes an Asana. In general the term Asana is used to refer to the physical yoga exercises.


Benefits of proper breathing in Asanas (physical yoga exercises ) 
  • Promotes perfect posture, "You are as young as your spine".
  • Strengthens and tones the whole body.
  • Corrects muscle imbalance or body mechanic problems caused by limited range of motion in our daily lives and other forms of exercise.
  • Improves range of motion and flexibility in the body (injury prevention).
  • Tones and rejuvenates the nervous system
  • Massages glands and organs for balanced function.
  • Increased and improved metabolism for weight control ( no need for crazy diets...it's all about "balance")!

By Rhonda Comparin

"As in universal law...balance is key"